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English Page

Chiropractic for english speaker

Chiropractic for english speaker

Holding a Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in the US,
Dr.Kazuteru Nagasawa serves as an excellent resource for English speakers who are seeking high quality chiropractic treatment.
With 8 years of chiropractic education in the United States, Dr. Nagasawa provides in-depth English assessments of medical conditions, and how they can be cured.

Caring for conditions such as headaches, upper and lower back pain, herniation, neck/shoulder stiffness and autonomic disorder, we at Chiropractic Nagasawa aim to improve your condition without any reliance on medication.



Name Dr. Nagasawa kazuteru

(Doctor of Chiropractic)
Date of birth 1973,12,2

Chiropractic is a highly trained specialist field of the neuromusculoskeletal systems of our bodies. It is difficult to find certified chiropractors in Japan because the Doctor of Chiropractic diploma can only be legally issued by few countries, most of which are in western countries. Holding a certified diploma from the US government, Dr.Nagasawa’s medical training is quite rare for Japan, and is ideal for visitors and foreign nationals who are accustomed to Western chiropractic methods of treatment. Dr. Nagasawa has been practicing as a chiropractor for over 15 years and teaches as an instructor of basic medical science, particularly in the area of chiropractic education in Japan. As his professional skillset is uncommon here, he receives many patients who have been unsuccessful at curing their ailments through more traditionally used Japanese methods. Dr. Nagasawa commonly serves patients who suffer from headaches, upper and lower back pain, herniation, and autonomic disorder.
Responsible for all of his patients, Dr. Nagasawa will personally treat your pain and symptoms.

History of Dr.Nagasawa

1992-1995 He was getting prerequisite for Chiropractic College.
1995-1999 Cleveland Chiropractic College.
2000-2004 chief instructor and chief chiropractic manager in Nagoya chiropractic school.
2005 Open Chiropractic Nagasawa Fukuoka west side office in Fukuoka city.
2009 teach anatomy、 physiology、 chiropractic technique and philosophy on several colleges.
2010 Open Chiropractic Nagasawa Fukuoka office in Fukuoka city.
2013 Open Chiropractic Nagasawa Aoyama office In Tokyo.



4F KDX Nakameguro Building 1-5-4 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0043 Japan

For reservation only,  03-5734-1102

Email: chiro.nagasawa@gmail.com
◆Tokyo Metro line / Tokyu Toyoko line
Nakameguro station(4min walk)


3F Bell commons Building 2-5-8 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0011 Japan

For reservation only, 092-477-8919

Email: chiro.nagasawa@gmail.com
◆Kagoshima line 
Hakata station (2min walk)

Treatment fees and office hours

(student=under university)
  Adult Student
First visit 9,000 yen 7,000 yen
Subsequent visit 7,000 yen 6,000 yen
Appointment Any time!
Office hours 10:00 a.m.-22:00 p.m.
Holiday See on our home page up date.
Other *we accept cash and a credit card(visa).
*First visit fee applies with a 6month interval since last visit.
*Advance booking for treatment is necessary.